Source Recovery of COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSE executable programs
Source Recovery of COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSE executable programs

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About The Source Recovery Company

The Source Recovery Company (SRC) is recognized as the ONLY company in the world who recovers COBOL or Assembler source code from IBM MVS or VSE executable programs. Our foundation is a patented technology, ReSource™.

In 1985, Fred Brandes, a systems programmer and software developer, began his research to solve the mystery of "uncompiling" a mainframe executable module. Drawing on his cryptography interest, along with his programming experience, he began to develop a system of recognizing patterns of machine instructions to unlock the mystery of recovering source code.

As a result of several years of research and development, a multi-step process to fully recover source code was developed. A repository of code patterns and an automated system to delink, disassemble and decompile load modules known as ReSource™ became a reality. The final step, a methodology for validation, was established so that the accuracy of the recovery could be guaranteed. In 1992, The Source Recovery Company, Inc. was founded as the first and only company with the technology to automate the complete recovery of missing COBOL or Assembler source code in the IBM MVS or VSE environments.

Because of the uniqueness of its technology, The Source Recovery Company gained the attention of many Fortune 1000 companies as well as federal, state and local government agencies. Recognizing the demand that would be created by pending Year2000 programming concerns, SRC acquired investment financing in September 1996 to become The Source Recovery Company, LLC. Post Y2K in October, 2000, the LLC was dissolved. The ReSource technology, patents, and copyrights were returned to the original founders.

Effective October 2000, with the dissolution of the LLC, The Source Recovery Company of Georgia, Inc. continues to offer the same guaranteed recovery services it developed over 15 years ago.

Supported Compilers

The following is a list of compilers from which SRC can recover source code. If your executable program was compiled using any of the following, we can help.

COBOL for OS/390


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